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• Full-time proportional braking — proportional braking is even braking — your towed vehicle’s brakes respond to your motorhome’s brakes, at the same time and at the same intensity.
• Constant self-diagnostic testing — Even Brake monitors its own performance constantly, and any change in system status is transmitted to the motorhome monitor. Even Brake is the only supplemental braking system that checks itself, so you don’t have to — a glance at the monitor assures you that Even Brake is fully operational.
 ‘Power Save’ low battery protection — Even Brake warns you of a low battery in the towed vehicle with LED and LCD alerts at the motorhome monitor, giving you time to recharge the battery. If the battery’s voltage drops too low, Even Brake goes into sleep mode, while retaining emergency braking power.
 Terrain-Sensing Logic' — Even Brake adjusts itself to uphill or downhill grades, and to rough terrain, by automatically leveling itself. Because it's always level, Even Brake always brakes with maximum efficiency.  19.3 x 12.7 x 12.5 inches

Roadmaster 9400 Even Brake System

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